3D Printerheadheater

The basis is a high-quality heating element with the maximum capacity per cm², which is suitable for a working temperature of +300°C. This choice of heating element has the most ideal heat distribution and output, resulting in a constant temperature on the nozzle (printer head).

The basis for the square printer head heater (image 1) is calculated at 6 Volts – 5 Watts, which makes it possible to explain the construction of multiple heating elements. The current test was done with 2 heating elements connected in series to 12 Volts with a total power of 10 watts.

The base for the round printer head heater (image 2) is calculated at 12 Volt – 30 Watt. The dimensions are 20 mm dia x 10 mm high and it is equipped with a continuous tap hole M6. The standard version is equipped with connecting wires with a Teflon sheath.



The square design for the 3D printer head, which is currently explained in the prototype, has been tested and currently meets the requirements. The dimensions can be adjusted to the customer’s wishes, but the minimum dimensions are 15 x 15 mm. In consultation with the customer, we can also put together the correct heating element(s) for you, which meets the requirements within your dimensions.

If you are interested in this new development, please contact our company to discuss a suitable solution.

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