Ceramic band elements

A ceramic band element is the right solution for heating cylindrical surfaces to high temperatures. These ceramic band elements must be protected at all times against contamination from outside, because they are not hermetically sealed. The ceramic band elements can be used up to a temperature of 500°C and have a maximum surface load of 8 W/cm².

The advantage of a ceramic band element is the high working temperature, excellent heat transfer, even heating over the entire surface, long lifespan (if installed correctly), easy installation and 20% less heat loss due to the extra internal high-quality insulation.

The diameter starts from 70 mm and from a diameter of 500 mm we recommend having it made in 2 or more parts. The element is constructed with ceramic segments, so not every width is available. We start at a width of 23 mm and go up to a width of approximately 500 mm. For wider ceramic band elements, we recommend placing 2 elements next to each other, so that the weight per element remains acceptable with regard to correct clamping.

The outer sheath is made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 430) and a high-quality nickel-chromium wire is used internally. The electrical connection can be made with a 3-pole plug housing (230 Volt – 1 phase), connection box with connection block or protective cover with special connecting wires with fiberglass-spun sheathing and metal protective sheath. With a width of 121 mm or more, it is possible to equip the ceramic band element with a 3-phase connection, or smaller on request.


For correct operation of these ceramic band elements, you must first check the cylinder for flatness. After approximately 30 minutes, when the ceramic band element is heated up for the first time, the Allen screws must be checked again.

Technical information:

  • Surface load up to 8.0 W/cm²
  • Working temperature up to 500° Celsius
  • Min diameter 70 mm, width on request
  • 3-pole plug housing (230V) or stainless steel connection box with cable
  • Connection voltage available from 110 Volt


  • Mantle element stainless steel 430 BA
  • Internal resistance wire Ni 80/20
  • Robust clamping
  • Special glass fiber spun connecting wires with nickel wire (flexible)

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