Ceramic infrared radiator

These are designed for operating temperatures from 300°C to a maximum of 720°C, with emission wavelengths ranging from 3 to 7 microns. Universally applicable and suitable for assembling radiation areas with any desired design. Standard versions are available in dimensions 245×60 mm, 122×60 mm flat or partially curved, 60×60 mm, 122×122 mm and E27 plug.


  • High efficiency (> 85% with correct design / installation)
  • Quickly interchangeable
  • Even heat emission
  • Moisture resistant through layer of enamel

These ceramic radiators are frequently used in:

  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Conveyor belt heating
  • Agricultural sector

If you are interested in this version, you can contact us at any time or send a request. The required reflector is not included as standard and can be offered separately.

Short delivery times

The production in our own factory is still the right choice, making us a fast solution with our short delivery times.

Guaranteed quality

We can guarantee the required quality by making annual investments in new machinery and the right knowledge.

Custom made elements

Your desired type of element is not mentioned on our website? No problem! We can design this for you or offer a suitable alternative.