Heating cable / Tracing

There are 2 versions of heating cable that we carry as standard. The self-regulating heating cable provides a basic power and is reduced as the temperature rises. The parallel heating cable provides a fixed power per meter and must be temperature controlled at all times by means of: a thermostat or digital controller.

Self-regulating heating cable:

Its operating principle is simple: it adapts the thermal power at all times to the necessary temperature level and specific needs.
The heating element, placed between two copper conductors, is composed of a mixed polyolefin matrix with a multitude of carbon particles.
These carbon particles provide conductivity between the two copper conductors, creating an electrical resistance that leads to heating of the cable to the desired temperature (defined by the power of the cable) has been reached. The power consumption decreases depending on temperature until thermal autoregulation equilibrium is reached. Due to its properties, the self-regulating heating cable responds to any temperature change and supplies the required energy. Furthermore, the power consumption is practically zero when a certain temperature is reached and is therefore avoiding problems due to overheating.


• Protection against freezing of water pipes.
• Defrosting of eaves, among other things.

General features:

• PVC jacket.
• Tinned copper conductor.
• Internal protective sleeve made of thermoplastic elastomer.
• Interlaced metal layer of tinned copper that acts as a ground connection protector.
• Continuous aluminum foil all around with tinned copper cable for earthing.
• External protective layer against corrosion, chemicals and environmental factors.
• Single-phase power supply ~230 V (max)

Article nr. W/m At 0°C At +10°C At +65°C
00330 12 17 12
00399 20 24 20
00314 30 36 30
  • Maximum operating temperature +65°C/without power +80°C.
  • Standard length per roll is 100 meters.

Parallel heating cable:

Parallel heating cable has a constant power per linear meter regardless of their length. These are supplied on a roll and can be shortened to the desired length. They are characterized by the fact that the heating coil is placed around the conductors and therefore internally the sectors are connected in parallel.
Shortening ensures that an unheated zone remains at both ends, so that no problems arise after installation due to possible local overheating. The cutting size is indicated by cutting exactly in the middle between the two markings, thus creating the correct unheated zones for installation. When the 230 Volt voltage is applied to the conductors, the element receives the voltage between the two contact points. This ensures that the power per linear meter of the cable is not affected by its length.


• Heating of pipes and tanks containing heavy liquids such as (flammable) oil, grease, paint, wax and other chemical products.
• Protection against freezing of water pipes and (control) valves.
• Prevention of moisture in switch cabinets.

General Features:

• Silicone sheath
• External dimensions: 7.5 x 5 mm
• Color of the outer sheath: blue or transparent
• Conductor structure: Nickel-plated copper 2 x 1.5 mm²
• Heating elements: Nickel-Chromium alloy
• Distance between contacts (cut section length): 600 mm
• Maximum exposure temperature (disconnected cable): 180°C
• Recommended usage length up to 75 meters (max 90 meters)
• Single-phase power supply ~230 V (max)

Article nr.



Cutting section

max. working length

T-max (working)

T-max jacket

Roll length




600 mm








600 mm











  • Maximum working temperature +65°C / without power +80°C.

00516 – Assembling set (shrink tubing + press-on bushes)

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