Immersion heater, article 55000 (image 1)

Immersion heaters can be produces within the REF, so the options in dimensions are not limited. The heating element or set of heating elements is bent into the requested shape and can be raised using an extension tube and fitted with a connection box with or without control thermostat or PT100. The connection voltage for this version can be determined by the customer, i.e. 110 Volt – 230 Volt – 400 Volt and 3-phase is possible.

Immersion heater, oil heater (image 2)

This immersion heater is intended for heating hydraulic oil before start-up to prevent wear and tear of the system. Preheating also reduces traces of water in the tank. Easy to use in existing oil tanks, since there is no permanent installation. The oil heater is attached to the bottom of the oil tank with integrated magnets. If this immersion heater must be regularly lifted in and out of the tank, we recommend the accessory kit equipped with a lifting wire to prevent the risk of damaging the connecting cable.

The immersion heater (fig.2) is available in six standard versions:

Power  W Voltage V Cutting temp °C Dimension LxWxØ mm
250 230 40 225 x 74 x 67
500 230 40 325 x 74 x 67
1000 230 40 525 x 74 x 67
250 230 20 225 x 74 x 67
500 230 20 325 x 74 x 67
1000 230 20 525 x 74 x 67

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