Mica flat elements

A mica flat element is the ideal solution for heating flat surfaces. These can be used up to a temperature of 300°C and have a maximum surface load of 4 W/cm². The advantages of a mica flat element are excellent heat transfer, even heating over the entire surface, long lifespan (if installed correctly), easy installation, high mechanical resistance and no reduction in power after long-term use.

The dimensions start from 60 mm with a width of 20 mm and for a 3-phase version a minimum width of 100 mm. These can be produced in rectangle, square or round shape and possibly also in L-shape. Correct installation by means of a pressure plate is required to ensure even heat transfer. The outer casing is made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 430) and a high-quality nickel-chrome strip is used internally. The electrical connection can be made with a 3-pole plug housing (230 Volt – 1 phase), connection box with terminal block or shielding box with special connection cable.

It is possible to supply a complete heating element with pressure plates (image 3), which may be provided with various holes and/or recesses. These are produced to customer specifications, therefore a correct drawing must be included with the request.

User manual:

After approximately 30 minutes, during the first heating of the mica plate element, the correct operation/heat transfer must be checked again. The final test ensures that the ohmic resistance, insulation resistance, diameter, width and design of the cable have been checked for accuracy.

Technical information:

  • Surface load up to 4.0 W/cm²
  • Working temperature up to 300° Celsius
  • 3-pin plug housing or stainless steel connection box with connection cable
  • Connection voltage from 110 Volt


  • Mantle element AISI 430
  • Internal resistance wire Ni 80/20
  • Fiber optic spun connecting wires

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