Micro tube elements:

These micro tube elements are now frequently used for heating nozzles, because these micro tube elements can achieve a higher power with a small size and are hermetically sealed. This means that dirt can never enter the element, which could cause it to malfunction. The surface load can be achieved up to 10 W/cm² (recommended), which means an extremely high heat output within a considerably small size. The tube temperature of these elements can reach a maximum of 750° Celsius. However, this is highly dependent on the set operating temperature of the system. It is advised to use the element with the built-in thermocouple to prevent internal overheating of the element. Due to the small size of the element, it can be wound on a shaft of at least 10 mm. As standard, these are supplied straight after which the customer bends/winds them to the correct size.

In the link you can see the different versions in power and length, which are supplied as standard in a stretched form or bent according to your drawing at an additional cost (if possible).


For correct operation of these micro tubular elements, you must first check the cylinder or groove for flatness. These elements may never be placed over an axle hole (overheating). Micro tubular elements may only be used on cylinders of the same diameter. It is possible to make these micro tube elements conical, but this must be indicated when ordering. After approximately 30 minutes, during the first heating of the micro tube element, the clamping must be checked again.

Technical information:

  • Voltage 230 Volt
  • Maximum tube temperature +750°C
  • Built in thermocouple J
  • Minimum bending diameter 10 mm
  • Tube jacket stainless steel 303
  • Internal resistance wire Ni 80/20

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Custom made elements

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