Overhead line heater

Ice on the overhead line causes tram lines and trains to lose power, generate damaging arcs, disrupt modern motor control and destroys both the pantograph and the overhead line. In severe cases, the entire overhead line can fail under the ice load. In any case, the ice causes sparks and leads to excessive damage of the conductors and, in the worst case, to traffic delays and disruption of the schedules.

The efficient electric heating of the overhead line raises the temperature above freezing point. It reduces mechanical stress and there is no need for any temporary gel or glycol to be put on the overhead line.

The flexible silicone rubber sheath and light weight triangular shape make installation easy and ensure maximum surface contact. This version is also UV resistant and ensures a reliable installation.


A simple controller or possibly an advanced controller using air temperature, wire temperature, humidity, dew point and/or weather forecast. Operating systems that monitor and report malfunctions and ensure optimal energy savings/use.


Short delivery times

The production in our own factory is still the right choice, making us a fast solution with our short delivery times.

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Custom made elements

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