Electric heating elements, suitable for switch and rail heating.

1) Shock-resistant design.

The construction of the heating element is done in such a way that there are no adverse effects from enormous vibrations.

2) Long service life – reliable.

The investment in this robust heating system will easily pay for itself over the years.

3) Energy efficient.

Due to its accurate dimensions and even heat emission, the element ensures good heat transfer.

4) Standard or custom-made.

Length up to 7.5 meters, power up to 1000 Watt per linear meter, voltage from 48V.

Bent in advance or can be realized by you on site (bending tools available).

5) Time-saving installation.

By applying the correct clamping, installation can be done within a short time. Correct installation contributes enormously to proper and reliable operation.

The rail or switch functions better with the right choice of heating elements. Train and tram traffic must run quickly, safely and without delays. This applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Disruptions due to weather conditions on or near the track are undesirable and should be kept to a minimum. During the winter period, the moving part of the switches can get stuck due to snowfall or night frost. The electric heating elements, which the REF can supply, contribute to preventing these problems. The combination of the right heating element, with the right mounting and control equipment, can significantly reduce problems caused by snowfall or icy conditions. The heating element is manufactured in various designs, power and voltage. All this depends on the circumstances and requirements set by our customers. Due to the economically high costs of disruptions to the track, it is extremely important to continue to guarantee reliable and high quality.

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Short delivery times

The production in our own factory is still the right choice, making us a fast solution with our short delivery times.

Guaranteed quality

We can guarantee the required quality by making annual investments in new machinery and the right knowledge.

Custom made elements

Your desired type of element is not mentioned on our website? No problem! We can design this for you or offer a suitable alternative.