Radiator element

Our radiator elements are intended for electrically heating clean water in radiators for electrical heating rooms. It is also suitable for heating water in towel radiators, which are mainly used in bathrooms and stand-alone radiators that are not connected to central heating. In addition, they can also be used as additional heating in central heating radiators, especially in those periods when it is not effective to heat the entire building with central heating.

The heating element consists of a jacket of high-quality stainless steel, a nipple with thread G 1/2″, with an O-ring seal and a flexible cord with CE plug. The heating element is designed as a class I device, protection degree IP44.

The heating element is equipped with an internal thermostat +95 °C, which monitors the maximum temperature in case of overheating. This internal thermostat switches off automatically and switches on again after cooling.

Standard versions:

article number Voltage Wattage length mm
50510 230 300 400
50509 230 400 500
50295 230 500 600
50192 230 600 700
50381 230 700 800
50489 230 800 900
50511 230 900 1000
50512 230 1000 1000
50513 230 1200 1100


50514  T-piece G1/2″

50296 - Specification thermostat

• Only suitable for these radiator heating elements

• on/off switching based on room temperature with an accuracy of 1 °C

• range +5 °C to +30 °C

• maximum current 16 A (3500 Watt)

• Standby mode max. 100 hours

• Displays the set and current room temperature on screen

• no time programming available

• degree of protection IP 20


Horizontal and vertical placement possible, but with vertical placement the electrical connection needs to point downwards. When placed horizontally, the heating element must always be placed in the lower part of the radiator.


Electrical installation must comply with local requirements and regulations and should only be done by qualified personnel. Before installing the heating element, refer to the safety standards for household and similar electrical applications EN 60335-1 and EN 33 2000-7-701.


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Custom made elements

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