Silicone heating mat

Silicone heating elements can be made in various designs. The flexibility in this is extremely suitable for mounting on a round or conical cylinder. This is often equipped with an adhesive layer for correct mounting and when mounted on a cylinder it is equipped with tension strap or clips with springs. The maximum size of the silicone heating mat is 2700 x 940 mm and maximum surface temperature is +180°C with adhesive layer and up to +200°C without adhesive layer. Dimensions up to 4000 x 940 mm are possible at an additional cost.

There are 2 versions possible, namely a wound version with resistance wire and chemically etched foil. The second version is frequently used for large numbers and complicated or very small dimensions.

Scope of application includes:

  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Switch cabinets
  • Aircraft industry

Silicone heating mats (wire wound)::

Ideal for small quantities with short delivery times and low contribution to design and tooling costs.

Computer designed chemically etched foil:

This foil is laminated between thin sheets of silicone and provides a very accurate thermal image. This version provides rapid heating and can achieve precise heating around the holes with a space of a few millimeters between them.

Both versions have a high degree of flexibility and can be realized in various shapes and designs. The silicone used has a robust quality and can be used within a surface temperature of -60 to +200° Celsius.


Assembly is possible using a high-quality adhesive layer, which is placed on the bottom of the silicone heating mat. If necessary, when used on a round cylinder or pipe, the silicone heating mat can be equipped with clips and springs or tightening straps. The correct choice will be discussed and indicated upon request.


It is possible to place a thermostat (clixon) on the silicone heating mat. This allows the desired temperature to be controlled or monitored. This is available from +10°C to +200°C, increasing in steps of +10°C.

A sensor pocket with a diameter of 6.0 mm is also a possibility, allowing a PT100 or sensor of an external thermostat to be placed. The only disadvantage is that if the internal thermocouple or PT100 becomes defective, it can never be replaced. It is always possible to supply a PT100 or thermocouple internally. However, our preference is to do it external with a sensor pocket.

Short delivery times

The production in our own factory is still the right choice, making us a fast solution with our short delivery times.

Guaranteed quality

We can guarantee the required quality by making annual investments in new machinery and the right knowledge.

Custom made elements

Your desired type of element is not mentioned on our website? No problem! We can design this for you or offer a suitable alternative.